1. About fifty mistakes, from focus to under-exposure and cranking the film before the roll was finished, but sometimes I like the look of these odd accidents. A finished day in West Australia. Photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  2. Under the magnifying glass. Talent and it’s subsequent popularity. Surf contest in Margaret River, West Australia. Photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  3. 26.7200° N, 70.4000° E. From the air looks like a smear of powdery ochre but on level ground, traditional elements of life I hope will remain intact under the onslaught of popular culture. Western Rajasthan, India. Photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  4. Hello! to my fellow life lovers, if you have some time and feel like reading…

    I wrote a story on the epic country of Sri Lanka for the latest issue of Damaged Goods Zine, along with some photos.

    Cover photo by: Jereme Aubertin

    Check the issue preview here - http://vimeo.com/88961147

    A fine publication, DGZ is one of the best things I’ve laid my thirsty eyes on in a looong time! Hit the shop or acquire it here - http://shop.manualmagazine.com/products/dgz-magazine-07


  5. It would take a dramatic novel to unfold how we got here. Above Gangotri in Uttarakhand, India. Photos by | Ozzie Hoppe


  6. 5:30am in Western Rajasthan, India. Photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  7. Twilight of the absolute. Our consumptive future. Southwest India. Photos by | Ozzie Hoppe


  8. SURFCAREERS.COM interviewed me for their site in a nice thread they have on the different people who work in the surf world in different countries. A little nostalgic to travel back into time and respond to many of the questions. Thank you to SURFCAREERS.COM for your interest in me:-)

    INTERVIEW: http://surfcareers.com/blog/ozzie-hoppe-photographer/

    Photo: My favorite wave on the southern edge of the Indian subcontinent - photo by | Alyssa Lewis


  9. In an isolated case, language triumphs over the T.V. Hindi class in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. India. Photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  10. Easy riders poised and calm in the Blue City, a settlement that began in 1459. Rajasthan, India. Photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  11. Diwali fever in Varanasi. Ganges (Ganga) river traffic and a few hours before I came down with some profound mysterious sickness. Uttar Pradesh, India. photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  12. Junior boss setting the rules in the desert. Never grow old! Osian, Rajasthan. India. photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  13. Slow life before a desert dust under the falling sun. Western Rajasthan, India. photo by | Ozzie Hoppe

    excerpt from - iGNANT “24 Hours”
    - Click for more: http://bit.ly/1lySsPC
    - Klick für mehr: http://bit.ly/1lyStD4


  14. After a few months of surfing in Sri Lanka, I tried one of these guys (probably against common logic) and it was alarmingly successful. Mumbai ear cleaners of India. photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  15. Towards the end of 200 plus hours on the train from Chennai to the Himalaya - Varanasi - Rajasthan & back to Chennai. India, photos by | Ozzie Hoppe