1. After a long time planning, I am excited to be joining my friends Kara Sparkman & Elissa Pfost this fall to explore the Pacific Northwest from Oregon to the far reaches of Canada! We will be doing a road trip, chronicling the lives of women who surf in this beautiful part of the world, and making art along the way while also collaborating with many talented residents during our trip.

    Want to join or meet, let us know!

    Follow us here.


    For a full scoop on our journey, check out: www.sheandthesea.com

    photo by : James Murray
    illustration by: Kara Sparkman


  2. Singapore on to the southern tip of Sumatra, 5 days, 3 taxis, 2 boats and 1 bus. Sea vessel in the passages between Batam Island and mainland Sumatra, Indonesia. Photos by | Ozzie Hoppe


  3. Sumbawa samba. West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Photos by | Ozzie Hoppe


  4. Fruits at the end of the road. Sekongkang, Sumbawa. Indonesia. Photos by: Ozzie Hoppe


  5. Liberty of movements and the freedom, devoid of adulthood. Air Guiling, Lombok. Indonesia. Photos by | Ozzie Hoppe


  6. A life in the sea is the one for me. Awang, Lombok. Indonesia. Photos by | Ozzie Hoppe


  7. Spills and thrills in Southwest Australia. Photos by | Ozzie Hoppe


  8. About fifty mistakes, from focus to under-exposure and cranking the film before the roll was finished, but sometimes I like the look of these odd accidents. A finished day in West Australia. Photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  9. Under the magnifying glass. Talent and it’s subsequent popularity. Surf contest in Margaret River, West Australia. Photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  10. 26.7200° N, 70.4000° E. From the air looks like a smear of powdery ochre but on level ground, traditional elements of life I hope will remain intact under the onslaught of popular culture. Western Rajasthan, India. Photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  11. Hello! to my fellow life lovers, if you have some time and feel like reading…

    I wrote a story on the epic country of Sri Lanka for the latest issue of Damaged Goods Zine, along with some photos.

    Cover photo by: Jereme Aubertin

    Check the issue preview here - http://vimeo.com/88961147

    A fine publication, DGZ is one of the best things I’ve laid my thirsty eyes on in a looong time! Hit the shop or acquire it here - http://shop.manualmagazine.com/products/dgz-magazine-07


  12. It would take a dramatic novel to unfold how we got here. Above Gangotri in Uttarakhand, India. Photos by | Ozzie Hoppe


  13. 5:30am in Western Rajasthan, India. Photo by | Ozzie Hoppe


  14. Twilight of the absolute. Our consumptive future. Southwest India. Photos by | Ozzie Hoppe


  15. SURFCAREERS.COM interviewed me for their site in a nice thread they have on the different people who work in the surf world in different countries. A little nostalgic to travel back into time and respond to many of the questions. Thank you to SURFCAREERS.COM for your interest in me:-)

    INTERVIEW: http://surfcareers.com/blog/ozzie-hoppe-photographer/

    Photo: My favorite wave on the southern edge of the Indian subcontinent - photo by | Alyssa Lewis